Editorial meetings

Although I’ve learned a huge amount from my internship while working in the field, some of the most stimulating and educative experiences have been the weekly editorial meetings. There, I really get a chance to interact with my colleagues, giving suggestions for their ideas while also presenting my own.

Often, this is my only chance during the week to explain myself as a journalist — why I used certain angles in stories, who I chose to interview, what I would like to write about next. My colleagues give me great feedback and are there to help me work through any issues I face in the field — I learn greatly from the dialogue of it all. Plus, it’s an extremely gratifying feeling to help a colleague with his/her piece; it really makes me feel as though I’m contributing, which, as we’ve touched on multiple times in class, is a big deal for us “millennials.”

Going into the internship, though, the editorial meetings were an aspect of the job I was actually somewhat worried about. At my last internship, I worked at a publication with a much larger staff. Its meetings were pretty intimidating, especially since they chose not to put me on the weekly peer-editing list. Eventually, I fell into an unhelpful routine of not speaking at all during the meetings. I even became a little angry for their initial refusal to hear me out, when I should have been concentrating on finding other ways to contribute (one of my few regrets of the experience).

So, when I first entered the office last month at my new internship, I made sure to try to make a big impression at our first meeting. Since then, I’ve developed a routine of speaking often with enthusiasm. Although I never felt disrespected at my last internship, I feel much more of an equal here. And, I believe I’m getting a lot more out of my experience, as the meetings really are useful in continuing my growth as a writer.


About reedjackso2

A 22-year-old journalist who enjoys reporting on the various crimes, concerts and characters that make his hometown of Portland so unique.
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One Response to Editorial meetings

  1. pdxsx says:

    Right on, Reed! Speak you mind, even if your voice shakes – I like that bumper sticker and it seems applicable. Sounds like you were able to roll your experience over from your previous internship into your new one and come out where you wanted to be!


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