Personality test

What I found most interesting about my personality “type,” as well as the information I found online concerning it, was how accurate it seems to fit me. I normally don’t buy into tests like these that generalize people by their strengths and weaknesses, but in terms of how I conduct myself in the professional world, this is pretty accurate.

My personality type is “ENFJ,” which means I’m a loyal people person who has a desire to succeed but can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. One characteristic of myself that I’ve always been proud of is my loyalty towards those that have treated me with respect; I want to do right by the people that have done right by me. As Mirror, Mirror warns, though, being over empathetic can sometimes lead to a lack of success.

My extraverted personality from time to time leads me to wonder if I have the competitive drive to survive in the world of journalism. Not to say I don’t have a desire to succeed; I do very much. And, writing is and always will be my passion. But, I sometimes look at my SOJC classmates — the way they treat each other, the way they try to edge the competition — and I find myself indifferent towards it. It doesn’t feel right to me. I rather let my work do all the talking than enter a competition with someone, which may be the completely wrong attitude in this transitional business. I have yet to find out.

I do, however, know I work well with other generations, as I make sure to give them the respect they deserve. I care about what they think because gaining their respect equals more responsibility for me. But, this may lead to another problem that I believe a lot of my generation, “ENFJ” and beyond, shares: expecting and over thinking feedback.

Our generation, and I guess “ENJF” types especially, has such a desire to contribute that they expect feedback all the time. If we don’t get it, we think we’re doing something wrong. And, even when we do get it, we tend to sometimes over think it. I know if I get negative feedback, it puts a damper on my day. I try to not do dwell on it, though, and I use it as motivation.

I’m sure as I grow older and become a more experienced journalist, my desires and expectations will change. Like I said before, however, I pride myself in being a certain way, so I guess we’ll see.


About reedjackso2

A 22-year-old journalist who enjoys reporting on the various crimes, concerts and characters that make his hometown of Portland so unique.
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One Response to Personality test

  1. pdxsx says:

    One of the more thoughtful and insightful posts I have read on the personality tests, Reed. Well done and well written, as always. Remember, life is about the path, not the destination. You’ll be great.


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